It was fun, it was a good time, I got to see a lot of cool stuff. I will certainly be talking about it later.

 On the other hand, while we awaited our airplane, we went to the Antique Arms Show.


If you like beautiful old guns, you need to see this. SOme new, as well, but there were easily as many Holland and Holland doubles and Rigby Bolts and Webley Scott shotguns and Greeners than you could shake several sticks at. There were stunningly beautiful Parker doubles- those were the cheap guns. There were rows and rows of intense single shot rifles- including a smattering of real Walnut Hill rifles- and five rifles made by Harry Pope.


I held, in my grubby hands, a rifle made by Harry Pope! A rifle with his gain twist rifling, a rifle with the classic Pope lever!


I could almost have flown home without the benefit of Boeing.  Anyway, more as I get some sleep.