Posting has been light because I went to Vegas part to work and part to learn. I did not bring a computer because I was moving fast and not sitting still. I had my phone and charger, an extra pair of jeans, and three shirts/drawers/pairs of socks. I can easily live like that for months at a time.

 The part of a morning I spent  with Jay was very nice. Jay is just like he is on the internet, only more so. I hope he gets to move the hell out of that socialist shithole as soon as possible, and I hope he is carefully countering the indoctrination of his kids on an ongoing basis.

 I did tiny blogposts and comments from my phone, but I took notes on a pocket sized notepad (“African Blackberry”) and discovered that, yes, the new Bic disposable fountain pens are actually very nice. They write as well as the Pilot “Varsity” though the section did start out with the inner section fins inked. We’ll see how that ends up.

I have lots of stories to tell, including my few minutes conversation with Emanuele Sabatti, who is a gracious and lovely man with a passion for fine firearms.