I have long been a fan of Harry Pope, from the moments I read the stories by Lucian Carey in the old Gun Digests of my youth.

 never in my wildest dreams did I expect to hold one of his rifles in my hands.


Click to embiggenate.


THe rifle on top is the one I liked the most. Here’s the hangtag for it:


I would have bet cash that I would never have a chance at touching one of these. And there it was, in my hands, a rifle with the meticulously made barrel of Harry Pope, when he was making barrels for Stevens, a bespoke gun which would have cost a months wages for a well paid man when new. I would need a lotto win to afford it, but for a moment I looked down in my hands and saw that “H.M.POPE” stamped on the barrel.  Yeah, yeah, fanbois squee.