Famously, Nimrod, the hunter-king demonstrated his hubris to the Creator by ordering that the tower of Babel be built to place men into the very sky; the Creator rewarded them for their arrogance by scrambling their languages and scattering them far and wide.

Last weekend, on the plane home, I had an interesting little revelation: The schism in the Church- and all the little schisms that have occurred since the original one-may well be the new Babel. There is no question that- like Nimrod, the church leadership grew arrogant and proclaimed itself to be the equal of G-d, and it is also no surprise that G-d decided he’d had enough of that crap and left the Church fragmented and it continues to fragement.  Note that in neither case did G-d actively punish individuals, he just prevented them from acting in directions that displeased Him. This has a lot of parallels in the current Republican party as well.

It certainly seems as if the Creator is active in thwarting the plans of the hubristic. Do you think he has something special planned for the left? it’s almost fascinating to watch.