This guy, no way TSA had to search him, he wasn’t concealing anything.



me, I usually carry a Nitrolon Surefire everywhere I go, and the TSA guy was making noises like I couldn’t have it and he was going to have to confiscate it.

Now, I’ve flown with this thing for YEARS. it’s a bit rugged looking and will never really be clean again. But it works, and it’s very bright.  Most guys just look at it and let me pass through. THis guy decided he needed another nice flashlight, so he stood there with it in his hands ready to quote some regulation he made up on the spot as to why he couldn’t let me take it on the plane.

So I said “Damn. I guess I’ll just have to go back to sticking it up my ass again”

he dropped it like a hand grenade and waved me on.