Does little to stem the tide of my hibernation instinct. Nearly had the Oglet to school late today, and I was myself late arriving at the orifice. The rain doesn’t help either.

Saturday we looked at a remington 1895 double, a 12 gauge in really beautiful shape, with ejectors. it was $250.

I’m not as afraid of shooting Damascus barrels as others, and these were in pristine condition, with wonderfully smooth and clean bores. The pattern was also spectacular. I couldn’t confirm if the ejectors worked because they didn’t have a pair of 12 gauge snapcaps.

I have to tell you, I lusted after it. And then I thought about the lefever in the cabinet back home.

Dad’s shotgun, the 20 I bought for him all those years ago. metal great, stock OK but not great. So I though, rather than add a shotgun to my already burgeoning collection I would put mine back right. I ordered new wood from Gunstocks inc, and last night I disassembled the action to confirm it’s function. This generation of LeFever is actually ithaca, which is a well made middle of the road gun. I intend to spend some time making the mechanicals perfect, and I will go on from there. I may post youtube video, I may just post some pictures of the work I do to it to get it functional.