though only when can afford to spend the time doing it properly. I still have an old Morris Sculptor Edge, but for convenience i also use a rosallini, and Barber Joe uses a Feather from time to time so I might just get one of those. Here’s a guy who has a pretty good handle on self-shaving. He touches on the most important items: Shave against the grain to get the tightest shave, shave in at least two directions, don’t talk during the tough spots.
There are times when I’m rushed or it’s early (Damn, morning comes early in the winter, donit?) I have come to use safetyu razors, but there are only a few I really like. My personal favorite is the Bic Metal– it has a metal guide rod and a single blade, and it shaves me about as close as i can with a plain blade. Problem is, you can’t buy the damned things anymore- at least not anywhere I shop. So I discovered you could still buy them online and i bought a lifetime supply. Fuckit, when you like something ain’t no sense changing just for changes sake.