I liked him then and i like him now. Oh, he has his moments, but he is a good man.

I remember some talk show host talking about some football player. A caller had asked “What do you think about X quarterback”? and the host said “he’s just a guy they got until they can get someone”
Ratso was that guy, I think. A good man, a decent man, and a placekeeper. A guy they got until they could get a guy.

I don’t think the Creator will let me pick two popes in a row, but if I could choose, it wouls be Raymond Cardinal Burke. This is the guy who told Kerry he should not receive communion because he was “Pro Choice” The guy who resigned his chairmanship of a hospital because they had Sheryl Crow sing at the benefit. He does seem to be one of the last principled cardinals of our age. And he catches some flak for it. Which I like.