It was my intention to try to clean up the receiver and possibly refinish it, and in the process I figured I’d have to sand it and polish it, but as I began I looked at some of the deep scratches on it and thought, I can make this look really gorgeous.

And then I thought, all those scratches have memories associated with them. I could get rid of them, but it would be as if I were denying all those memories. SO I have decided, make it functional, get it clean, and leave it alone. The new stock and forend will insure it can be used for a long time to come, something I could hand on to my grandchildren, if I have any. I would rather keep it’s memories- and battle scars- intact, and let future generations guess at each scratch and dent. I will buff it some to give it a bit of color, and let time and handling turn the reciever a nice plum color.

I have a repro LeFever buttplate coming for it tomorrow. I hope to have it finished by the end of the month- sanded and a couple dozen coats of Antique Oil. And a new friend has promised me he will help me get my trap skills back up to par.