Not least of which was the fault of the weather, but additiinally, wingnuthead was at Argonne talking about eliminating the need for fossil fuels by developing teh awesome new batteries!

I wonder if somewhere in the dim recesses of his awareness there is any clue as to the fact that a battery is a storage device for energy, and not an energy source? That the energy must come from somewhere, and unless you plan on damming every trickle of water on earth and covering the whole fucking planet with wind farms and solar reflectors that energy will be coming from fossil fuels?

Naaa, as Theodoric of York was wont to say.

Also, if i haven’t recently, let me re-reccomend Henry Ford’s “My Life and Work”. Henry, in his forties, was already doing the things W Edwards Deming would later make famous- in Japan. When Deming sought to make the US profitable by the same methods Ford had espoused half a century earlier, he was driven out by the labor unions who liked things just as they are, and he was sent to Japan to help rebuild the ravaged country postwar. Emperor Hirohito eventually made him a hero of Japan, where the Deming award is still a sought after prize in all Japanese industry. Yes, that same emperor Hirohito who was our enemy during WWII and continued to be the emperor of Japan until 1989. How many people even KNOW that?

Anyway, we think of manufacturing differently these days, to our Great Detriment. Ford had it right, and it was by God working. We could all learn a lesson from him, and I cannot reccomend the book enough. Spend $8 and buy it on Amazon, or read it at Amazon or Gutenberg for free online or on a kindle, but READ it. His take on government, on unions, on banking is for the most part spot on, and I realized asI was highlighting the salient bits that I had highlighted almost the entire book.