my hands on my first double, I was just crazy drunk with excitement. Not a week has gone by that I have not spent some of it with the double, and I love holding it yet.

My benefactor, the man who took me to Africa and provided me with the double, has long known that I lust after a double in 500 nitro, but in the beginning he was only able to get the 45-70 which indeed pleased me mightily.

Recently, on doing some more work for the same company, he was able to acquire a 500 nitro, which he let me shoot Saturday and shipped it to me yesterday and it is on my lap as I type. This is what the Brown Truck of Goodness delievered to my local FFL at around noon.

It’s an ejector 500 with an extra set of barrels in 45-70.

I have about broken my face grinning. And when I shot it Saturday, it just about yanked the gun clean out of my hands the first time. I gripped tighter and enjoyed the recoil therapy.