one of the nasty, papist hitler youth I am foisting upon the world has been down in kentucky at a evil Catholic training camp. She spent a good portion of the week tearing the roof off a couple homes and relaying shingles, hanging and taping drywall, and seeing to it that a few people have a warm dry place to live, evil little Catholic that she is. Of course she spent evenings singing evil Christian songs around the campfires made of the corpses of abortion clinic doctors and planning the murder of gays everywhere. I am unspeakably proud of her.

Well,, that’s certainly what some people would have you think. The mission trips are one way where the small C church does good in it’s community, but without the big C Church these activities would be impossible. The mission trips are also a way to teach teenagers the difference between the small c church and the big C Church. It’s handier to have people live in houses than it is to have them live in piles of leaves on the ground, as it is handier to have a church in which the Church can worship than it is to carry an altar into a field every sunday and stand around in the tall grass getting chiggers. (Sorry, chegroes)

No, none of the Oglet’s classmates- just like none of the members of the big C Church have the slightest interest in harming anyone- it is anathema to membership in the big C Church, by definition. This specifically includes gay people, a fact lost on the anti-Christian bigots.

The left- and the “gay marriage” and “Gay rights” advocates preach “Tolerance” but what they really mean is “You have to tolerate us no matter what we want to do, no matter how anathema to you it is, and we get our way, all the time”

I prefer to avoid tolerance, and, like all people who try to be good Christians, I try to act like a good Christian, and to teach my child to do the same.

Of course there are those who are just sure that being a good Christian means you must HATE gays. That must be true, because it’s what they think.

Well, if that’s what it means, I’m not a good Christian, because I work very hard not to hate anyone. It isn’t often easy, but I certainly have never hated anyone based on what kind of things they want to do with their wobbly dangly bits. I have done some pretty unusual things with my wobbly dangly bits myself.

There are also those who are just sure that being a good Christian means you must want to prevent gays from being happy and having loving wonderful relatinships with one another. That must be true, because it’s what they think.

Well, if that’s what that means, I’m not a good Christian, because I know that the commitment that people make between one another is the only one that is important, and the “wedding” is just pomp and circumstance. Gay people can make that commitment to one another, and of course any time anyone makes a solid commitment to another person be it as friends, lovers, or, hell, even roommates, that is a very good thing. I am a proponent of people making solid commitments to one another, when that commitment is based on love and respect. And I don’t care if the person you make that commitment to is a different sex, the same sex, or a bedridden invalid in an oxygen tent.

There are also those who are just sure that being a good Christian means you must want to prevent gays from any type of marriage. That must be true, because it’s what they think.

That really makes me a horrible Christian, because on this blog and in real life I have stated that if a gay couple wants to get married, I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and I will marry them (to each other) myself. I have this certificate here for one reason, and that reason was to marry my gay cousin to her significant other. Unfortunately my cousin died of cancer before that could happen. I certainly understand the desire for a couple to have a visual and public display of their love for one another, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help accomodate those people. BTW, the small c church insists that this action condemns me to eternal torment. Ah, well, it wouldn’t be the first sin I committed that would. Not even this week.

Then there are some that say Christians are anxious to deny the rights of survivorship, medical next of kin, etc. etc. etc. to Gays.

Damn. I am a HORRIBLE Christian. I have stated here and in person to anyone who asked that I am shoulder to shoulder with anyone fighting for those rights-and not just for gays, but for old people who have chosen to live together to help one another, for roomates who have nobody else in the world. For people whose lives have been solitary and who have only a few non relative people they trust. Those rights SHOULD be the law, because the way those laws are written is archaic and stupid.

SO I’m for sure going to hell, because not only do I not have any inclination to do any of those things, I am training my child not to have any inclination to do any of those things. We had Easter dinner every year with my gay cousin and her life partner because we were the only place they could go and be accepted. They hid easter eggs for the Oglet when she was very small.

All of the above bullshit about what Christians are supposed to be like is the manufactured outrage generated by radicals in the gay community that has been bought hook line and sinker by the people who worship holy sacred Tolerance- without a moments thought to the fact that some of that ‘Tolerance’ ought to be directed to the people whose religious freedom will be damaged by legal intervention into the issue. Problem is, radicals in the gay community are the ones being heard, and not the two otters in Wrigleyville with the really cute apartment and the powder blue Jetta who go to St Josaphat every Sunday and squeeze each other’s hands tightly during the Lords Prayer.

No, I am not interested in harming gays, the gay lifestyle, the way gays interact with one another, the way they care for one another, their legal rights of next of kin/survivoirship, whatever. Those things are not of Sexuality but of Humanity, and it is my opinion that people ought to treat one another Humanely. As it is the opinion of every single Christian I know- and I know a lot of those bastards.

And I also have no desire to “Shove the church down other people’s throats” at all. In fact, I am personally very anti-proselytizing. I would like to think, someday, that someone witnessed how I acted in person- the things I did, the things I do, the way I act, the way I raised my child, and think, “I might like to be more like that”. That’s probably pissing into the wind, for someone like me, but it is an admitted fantasy.

No, all I am interested in is the freedom I have-and the freedom of millions- billions of other people worldwide, not just in this country- to worship as they see fit, and not to have their small c churches harmed by the protestations or legal actions of- well, anyone. There are a lot of people seeking to do this, not just gays, but Gay Marriage being the law of the land is the knife blade in the back of the scallop, the thin edge of the wedge that destroys. Of course I’m crazy for thinking this, because “I met a gay guy once and he was awesome!” or “You’re one of those morons who has faith in a Sky God who collects souls”.

None of which is relevant to the discussion, of course.

Freedom is for everyone, not just for the people you approve of. My freedom of course ends where it does another harm, of course, and other’s freedoms end where they cause me harm. And so long as the number of people willing to harm my freedom to worship as i please is non zero, it requires me and others like me to be eternally vigilant. I consider it a badge of honor to be upbraided by the deliberately obtuse for doing so.

The people for whom the Oglet was doing what she was doing were mostly on welfare, though most were able bodied enough to help with the repairs. Several of the students and at least one of the chaperones are gay. At no point did the oglet think of any of those people- the other volunteers, the chaperones, the clients- as anything but- well, people.

One thing from the top of the post is certainly true; I am unspeakably proud.