More than one person has made mention of my packrat tendencies. On dragging home a pile of stainless conveyor sections one time, the wife said “What’s that?” partner remarked “I’d guess shiny and free” OK, I may be a bit of a magpie. I do have a very nice drill press as a result of this, and many other things.

A couple weeks ago I dragged home a 25 watt Universal Laser. I have been playing with it, and yesterday finally got enough smoke collection to get serious.

At 25 watts this will not do steel, esp. since it’s CO2, but wood and most plastics will do nicely. Once in a while I garbagepick cool stuff. FOr those keeping score this is a ULS25e. Anyone wants some laser engraving done, I’m in the learning and practicing mode, and welcome the opportunity to play.