This morning on the way in to work, the morning radio show interviewed Clark Forsythe.

Clark has written a book called “Abuse of Discretion” and it details the way Roe vs Wade was pushed through to passage by agenda driven people at each phase, despite being what most call bad law which doesn’t pass constitutional muster.

Beginning with Roe vs Wade, we have institutionalized slaughter of innocents on a scale the likes of which could not be imagined. Something on the order of 57 million abortions have been performed since 1973. More than twenty times the US casualty rates in every war since 1776. More than twice the population of the top 15 cities in America.

This disgusts me. Unfortunately, it does not disgust me enough to stop supplying the federal government with my tax dollars. This laziness is my worst personal flaw, and when the Creator judges me, I expect that this inaction on my part will be the worst for which I have to answer.

I attempt to mitigate this by doing what I can to help on the opposite end of this equation. How and what I do is nobody’s business but mine and the creators- I don’t ever want to receive credit for it here, because I will need every red cent when I arrive for my judgement.

There is no question in my mind that the bullshit we’re in at the moment is a specific and direct result to our callousness about the millions of innocents that have been slaughtered for convenience sake. And anyone who coughs up the old saw about incest or rape, go out and count up all the abortions due to rape and incest, and when you have determined that number is a minuscule fraction of the whole, tell me how doing an abhorrent thing undoes another abhorrent thing. No, the overwhelming majority of those millions are convenience abortions, and the thought of that should be abhorrent to any human being. The fact that people aren’t laying awake in bed at night agonizing over the horror of these deaths is grim testament to the fact that we have been taught to “believe” (there’s that word again) that the “Fetus” contains no humanity. The classic dehumanization of the enemy to make him easier to kill.

The Creator is pissed at us, and rightfully so. The Sacrament of Liberalism is an intentional, specific and direct slap in the face of G-d.

If you have faith in a Creator and you meditate on this it becomes clearer and clearer. The lesson of Abraham and Jesus is clear; Only the Creator is empowered to give and thus take human life.

The faithful are being punished for failing to take action to stop this ongoing massacre. And we deserve it.

OK, the last of you to leave turn out the lights and make sure the coffeepot is off.