About “Witholding your vote” or “None of the above”

I have posted before of the ignorance of this position, and the underpants gnome logic it represents.

1: Don’t vote!
2: ???????

Not one person anywhere ever has been able to show me anything like a coherent plan that bridges step two.

1: In a revolution, the wrong side almost invariably wins.
Yes, I know there are a lot of people out there sitting metaphorically in mom’s basement polishing up their stamped steel AK-47 sitting on spam cans of ammo awaiting the moment they can rise in righteous wrath against the evil oppressors. Everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that they will be the first casualties should the shit really hit the fan.

But of course that’s never going to happen, it’s just the wet dream of a bunch of wannabes. If the shit hits the fan here it will be because of external influence or natural disaster. The fedgov knows it can win the war of attrition and that’s just what it will do.

2: Atlas will never Shrug

I also know there are wads of people “Going Galt”. God bless you. You’ll always be able to say what a thoughtful and noble thing you have done- but remember Atlas Shrugged is a work of fantasy, and not really even fiction. The real world does not work like that, and never will. Very few large manufacturing empires are operated by individuals, and in fact, some of the biggest are now in thrall of the fedgov to begin with. There will be no starving of the beast. You will starve to death long before that. Additionally, small businessmen will not and cannot do this; if you run a business with a handful of employees you care about them, because they have become a part of your extended family. So you will shuffle things here and tweak things there until you can keep the business afloat and your employees employed and as much cash as you can coming in, because that’s what small businessmen do. They do not send their workers home and bugger off in a fit of pique. And don’t even start telling me you know this guy who knows this town that has this factory where they all “Went galt”. For every anecdotal piece of bullshit you can dredge up I can take you to ten of my customers who are doing exactly what I say because that’s how real business runs, not like Ein Rands’ fantasy businesses.

3 “X is JUST AS BAD as Y”

God, I hope reincarnation is possible and if it is I hope to whatever powers exist that I can come back as each of your mothers and wash your mouths out with soap for telling such fucking ignorant lies. While it is true that the “right” has become as complicit as the “Left” in the mess we currently enjoy, it is because we have trained them to be that way- by “None of the above”. Is it so fucking hard to notice that each time you sit out an election the “republican” candidate on offer gets further and further left? And why do you think this is? God forbid you begin to understand that the party thinks that’s what you WANT because you “STAYED HOME AND SENT A MESSAGE!!!” Yes. The message is, you’re stupid, and bad at math. People capable of learning can see the lesson that the left teaches us. “I will vote for this guy warts and all, because he is at least OUR guy, and even if he only heads a tiny bit in our direction, it is at least OUR DIRECTION and not the other.” In this manner we went from the summer of love, to the first Affirmative action president. From 12 billion spent on welfare to nearly 700 million last year. From a country where manufacturing and energy production flourished and thrived to a country that manufactures the dependant poor. Look at all the film of those smelly hippies dancing at Woodstock and smoking dope in Haight Ashbury. They are now the media, the labor union leaders, and the teachers indoctrinating your children. They got what they wanted, and they got there one babystep at a time. THAT is how it’s done. A toe in a door here and there and close adherence to Alinsky(Thanks, Mr B) and in fifty years you are in control.

Baudelaire said “the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist”. In this way, so many people have been hoodwinked into “believing” that the correct course of action is to back away from the process. They have bought the leftist lie hook, line, and sinker, and are doing everything they can to convert others to their way of thinking- which will, of course, result in the left getting what they want faster- which is their point. No, it won’t cause things to collapse. No, there won’t be any reckoning., There will only be a whole bunch of people siting around convinced they are doing the right thing for reasons that a ten year old can argue their way around. Each time I bring this up the violent nastiness I get from the feebleminded fools who are too stupid to figure this out for themselves and can only parrot the underpants gnome theory they’ve accepted is insanely venomous- and not one person yet has told me how any of it will fix anything.

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of explaining how fucking stupid this idea is. The left has proven it is possible to get anything it wants simply by tiny increments, so long as each increment is even the tiniest bit in their chosen direction. They have shown us how this tool works, proven it’s efficiency, and we have even tested it ourselves effectively with the NRA and GOA and what they have done to ratchet back gun control. We know this works. We also know that it takes a long time. And most are too goddamned impatient, wanting what they want NOW. Well, sorry. As Bill Whittle sys in this excellent essay labeled “Bamboo Spears” this will not happen overnight.

“That message – that smart, common-sense, responsible conservative message – cannot change. That message is the entire reason we are fighting this battle in the first place. But I have to stop thinking like an American – which is not only hard but extremely distasteful for me – and start thinking like the Viet Cong. I have to start thinking the way the Left itself started thinking forty years ago. They didn’t come out and say GET YOUR COMMUNISM HERE. They turned students into professors who then turned out more students. That’s how we have to think: the Long March.”

Yes, it’s more than just voting; it is education and infiltration of every orifice of the world that the left has claimed, but those are only hammers; the Vote is the nail. And since it costs nothing and can do you no harm (and anyone who coughs up the canard about “X being JUST AS BAD AS Y” is too fucking stupid to live, and should slit his wrists, lengthwise, right now) and by incrementing back we can reclaim our heritage. Will it be next election? No. Impatient much? Will it be in my lifetime? Certainly not, if we can’t get these idiot off their asses and to the polls. But it can be done.

We cannot, as I have said, vote our way out of this- but we can increment our way back to a place where the votes can be meaningful again; to do so we must participate in the process.

All the “None of the above” crap has another very bad taste for me, because it has happened so many times in the past.

In Exodus, Dathan collaborates with the Egyptians- not openly, but he is just against Moses, which amounts to the same thing. He is comfortable with the Egyptians, why should he leave? You will remember him in the Ten Commandments as played by Edward G Robinson.

In the Warsaw Ghetto- as depicted in Mila 18, there were collaborators, Jewish guards who wore blue armbands who the others called “Mamzers” (Bastards) who kept the ghettos quiet until the Nazis could ship them off to the camps.

Across the world in every culture that deals with livestock in large numbers, exist the Yudasgoat- an animal trained to lead other animals- sheep, cattle, horses- to and through pens and often to their slaughter.

In the original book by Bram Stoker, Renfield is a willing servant of evil. A living human with loyalty to the undead, acting as a facilitator of evil- a herdsman, as it were, of human food for it’s masters.

So for these collaborating Israelites, these blue banded mamzers, these yudasgoats, these Renfields, nothing. Their plan is to “(use) your time to prepare for the coming Troubles.”

Let me know how that works out for you, Renfield.