We are within a few years of an event horizon in industry.

Modern manufacturing, both light and heavy industry, have adapted to the stupidity that has come down from on high; the free market cannot be denied. No matter how hard the fedgov makes it on businesses, they will always find ways to turn some kind of profit, and so far, they mostly have.

But to do so, they have had to change. Some, knowing that a fixed number of products must still be manufactured, have turned to automation. others have decided to make fewer products at a greater margin with far fewer (Or no) employees, and some have decided to keep their existing employees but at a reduced rate or at a partial employment status.

But the industry can only get so lean. And it has come to that point, almost. At some point the regulations and laws will make it impossible for businesses of certain sizes to survive, and then things will change dramatically. People will turn to practices that are illegal in order to make a living, just as the oppression of communism drove commerce underground. We are very near to that tipping point; I see people doing riskier and riskier things to stay afloat. Do not confuse illegal with immoral; and do not assign moral values to legislators- in the main, they have none to impart.

American industry is prepared to do what it has to, to get through the coming shitstorm. And it will involve, in many cases, bending, skirting, or downright breaking the law. Are you ready? Can you break the law day in and day out without acting so guilty a cop notices immediately?

In ten years if you cannot you will be in trouble.