Mind the crappy cellphone pic. A friend once, on driving a new WRX STI, said ‘Most boring car I ever drove’. This lady drove a restored X1/9 at speed down Stelvio, so it isn’t like she don’t know how to drive.

I’ve been driving the Barbie car (the Ogwife’s former Escape, known variously as the Barbie Car, The Magic Bus, the Yellow Submarine, or You POS) for a couple of months, now, and it’s ok, smaller than the sploder but my favorite price (Free) and it has coils and struts so it handles well and corners OK for a tall ride, but it’s…. boring.

Now I fully understand what she meant. The Sploders, which I’ve been driving for well on 15 years, have a specific set of things they will NOT do. Making them do those things, though it pushes the ability of the vehicle dangerously close to the edge, is what makes it fun. Like driving a 911, which you know is out to kill you if you chicken out and lift, or using a 1951 new Yorker as a rally car.

Most anyone with a tiny modicum of training can take a well mannered car around hot hard curves and survive, and do well. It takes a special kind of nutcase to do it with a car utterly unsuited for the process, and push it till it almost kills you. And do it every day in rush hour traffic surrounded by half a million fucktards. I miss my sploders.

I will keep an eye out for another one, from time to time they show up, perfect rust free examples. it will always be my favorite vehicle and from then on I will probably just keep one in the stable for joyriding purposes.

Doesn’t rule out buying an old SHO Taurus or a W8 Passat, though.