Fighting the Growth of a Theocracy in America

Pascal first sent a link to this post to me many days ago, and I have been looking forward to seeing him post it. Tired of waiting, let me cut to the chase on this.

In Crichton’s “State of fear” he posits that the left endeavors to keep the nation in a state of fear so it is easier to subjugate it to their will. The left have learned a new lesson: People will believe in something. Painfully, they choose to believe in things that do not serve the purpose of the left. The real thorn in the side of the powers that be, is that people of faith do not believe what they have been instructed to believe. Actual faith trumps belief every day, because as I’ve often repeated, belief is something we choose, where faith chooses us.

So to combat this the left has turned it’s state of fear into a new religion, and it’s not just global warming, but the supremacy of manufactured “Science” over legitimate theology. Except that “Science” is not what they envision it to be.

The new religion (Which Pascal calls “Scientism”) is structured thus, this a direct quote from Pascal’s piece:

Scientism: Belief that only science can establish truth. And because beliefs are human attributes, they are corruptible. Because this risk is so prevalent, reason and suppressed facts inevitably must be rescued from beliefs driven deliberately off course.

Under scientism, when those seeking power (or looking to keep it) deem a theory as useful, they then build and fund a consensus to rubber-stamp it in the face of any and all contradictory evidence.
In truth, this is not science but opinions anointed with the label of science. Under these auspices, here is how the game is run.
•An alleged theory fills the role of political dogma, and is then treated as if sacred.
•No debate over it is allowed a hearing.
•Any who disagree are marginalized.
•Then should they persist, they are dealt with more severely. Stripped of their scientific duties and offices, and even earned credentials, and cast out.

The bottomline: The left is using every tool at their disposal to destroy legitimate theology and they have a ready made belief system that they will use to replace it, if necessary by force. You will be able to easily find evidence that this is the truth. Do so. Make yourself aware of this because it may be the most important battle we will ever fight as a species.