So last weekend, my dear old friend and confidant Mlle Jenny is on her way to Road Atlanta, where she is a timekeeper, does all the tough work of making sure everyone’s every second is counted.

And on the way her co-worker, who is driving, says “Oh! I think I hit a dog!” they hear a thump but it’s too dark and too late to do much about it, and Jenny doesn’t see anything, they drive on.

Sometime later they go to the drive up at a mcDonalds for breakfast. And arrive in the dark at the racetrack, unload their equipment, get set up. And the driver returns to the car for something he’s forgotten, to see this:


The luckiest Schnauzer on the planet.

A little cold and probably shaken but basically unharmed, the Schnauzer is reunited with it’s owner the very next day, and it is discovered that said schnauzer and it’s brother slipped the leash and ran off; no sign of the brother yet, but this one is home safe now.