I hoped I would be able to escape the derp, but it is every damned place, even the places I considered to be derp-free sanctuaries.

Look, people: Robots are not what Hollywood says they are. And AI is not just around the corner. No computer yet is able to “Think” independantly of it’s programming. And nobody will be combining those two nonexistent things for a long time.

Industrial robots are pretty sophisticated, but no more than they need to be. And that is that. Period. Nobody is going to sell you a Chrysler Minivan and all of a sudden you find out one day it also has a swimming pool and a Cray supercomputer with articulated arms and a flamethrower; it just doesn’t happen that way, and robots will NOT all of a sudden become self aware and take over the earth. The liklihood is a lot higher that we will all be killed by a particularly virulent toe fungus that is mutating in the drains of a whorehouse shower right now. The “Killer robots” bullshit is just as stupid as chemtrails and anti vaxxing and the balance of that ignorant bullshit.

Amended to add this quote by Ed Hering, who sums it up perfectly:
“You can give your robot a convincing simulation of initiative, but what you’ll actually be doing is writing a random number generator”

Perfectly put.