garbagepicked computers at home for at least ten years now. I don’t need high powered shit to surf, write, and ebay, and the used crap they throw out is always superior to the task.

The last one, a dual processor Xeon, went tits up last weekend. Ed Hering had come out to look at it, he pronounced it virus free, and it turns out that it was running slow because it’s geriatric electrons were just tired. So it sits by the back door, awaiting stripping and ejection in the morning.

Meanwhile, Ed hooked me up with one of his used boxes, which is FUCKING AWESOME!!! I had forgotten just how much the old one had sucked, and now having a fresh box with a fresh install of win7.64 and no bloatware is a dream come true. I have a couple things to load onto it (Corel, draftsight, and of course all the Adobe crapola) but I think it’s going to be gorgeous, and I feel privileged to have a decent box assembled by a professional. Now let me see if I can crash it.