And nothing on earth would please me more than to be able to ride a bicycle to work, but here I am, fucking with a car again.

The Sploder was a great ride all it’s life, and I can walk right out there right now and it will start. But the brakes and etc. are just too much work to repair, and it’s become a horrible rustbucket.

The Escape I got handed down from the wife is a good ride but it’s started to lose oil pressure. I’m still not sure why, it happens when it’s hot, and some of that is counterintuitive. I have checked the pressure and at idle it’s perfect, once it’s warm the light flickers at stoplights. I changed the sensor, same thing. I changed the filter, same thing. I’m about to drop the oil pan and see if there’s something obstructing the intake, but it would seem as if it would work better when the oil was thin, if that was the case. Bugger all. I can’t afford a car payment, and really don’t want one right now.