at Where there’s a will, I’ve been discussing with Mr Will the idea of strong AI, and one of the issues I have with the idea is the fact that we as humans are capable of holding the most vastly contradictory ideas and still function. You cannot make a machine capable of reason and also make it capable of containing conflicting “Facts”. Especially when those “Facts” are not.

And we ended up at moral absolutes. There are such things, and they are, as the word says, absolute; they do not relate to humans nor machines but to everything.

An example of a moral absolute is this: Theft. When being A acquires the property or the product of the enterprise of being B without agreed upon compensation, being A has stolen. This is always wrong.

“But he needed that loaf of bread to feed his family!” Great. Theft is still wrong. “but that other person has so much!! They didn’t even notice!! they waste more than that every day!!” Still wrong. Theft is theft, and it is a moral absolute, to every being in the universe, period.