Weak AI vs Strong AI.

it isn’t exactly weak vs strong, what it is, essentially, is that weak AI has a group of preprogrammed responses to everything, and if you ask it to perform a task, it will perform that task based on it’s programming, which is to say it will perform the task in the way it’s programmers want it to perform the task. Weak AI is merely a stand in for a human; it does not “Think” but merely respond in a set of preprogrammed ways.

Strong AI, which we are nowhere near, nor are we anywhere close to, requires building an electronic infrastructure that “learns” And I don’t mean it calculates answers to formulas it is given, it takes input and draws conclusions based on that input. For an example of how weak vs strong might work, think of a lawnmower. You could make an autonomous lawnmower that cut the grass. You could have a camera that sensed when the grass was too high and activated the lawn mower to cut it. You could have several patterns of mowing programmed in so the mower would vary the pattern. But it would still always be all that equipment acting as a proxy for the specific desires of the programmer. A true AI system would start with only the equipment, and the knowledge that the grass needed to be short.