I have a window in my bedroom that has seen better days. it’s better days have seen better days. Yesterday I intended to go look at it to see if I could determine what I could do to help it limp along, and I grabbed a punky looking piece of the sill, and it came off in my hands. So I figured, I guess today is the day I have to do this.

I managed to get a reasonable cross section of the old sill cut out, and I used the table saw to get as close as I could to the original profile. I pulled out the punky wood and cut back to good, dry wood, and I made the replacement out of PT. Screwed and glued it in place, put in new stainless screws for thew whole assembly, and called it a night. Need to fix a couple of pieces of trim now, and recalk and repaint, but I no longer have to lie in bed when it rains and wonder if there’s water getting into the house through the rotted sill.