And because one of our number is fading

Blogger’s Saga

Back when the earth had cooled and we were young
The internet was just as young as we
To thoughts and plans and humor we gave tongue,
for t’was convenient, easy, fun, and free.

We stood aloft on wings of bits and bytes
Our most barbaric yawp, we sounded out
And so our private musings did take flight
Everyone knew what we were all about

We laughed and fought and crapblogged through the night
We met new friends and travelled through their eyes.
The world was ours to master, damn the fight
our hands upon it’s throat, despite the cries

We rode the wave and saw statcounters tick
A geiger counter of our waxing fame
Another shitpost soon would do the trick
then everyone on earth would know the name

of Og, and Acidman and Eli’s son
of Baldilocks and Harvey and both Kims
Of Keesie, and Frank J, and everyone
who posted under their own pseudonyms.

But nothing lasts forever and it came
to pass that Facebook, Twitter, and the lot
distracted us all from our blogging game
collective attention span was mostly shot.

And so we drifted off into the vast
and constantly increasing cyberspace
Our voices may in fact be still, at last,
but each typed word has left a subtle trace

Of who we all once were, and who we are.
A crowd of armchair commentariat
a click of bloggers from both near and far
devoted to the art of chewing fat.

So from one of Blogging’s redhead, bastard sons
to one who shone like diamonds in the sky
Remember, now, that you will be the ones
Who may pass on- but never, ever die.