When I was in my teens I was taught predomintly by Salesians. Many of my teachers had been in some fairly severe and austere posts before they came to the little school in Cedar Lake.

One, in particular, had worked at leper colonies in Hawaii and in Loisiana. The idea of isolating lepers in colonies would seem ludicrous to us today, and indeed there are many people walking around with leprosy now, not quarantined.

it is not easy to transmit leprosy, that is true. It was quite a social stigma, and at the time, it was frightening to many people simply because there was no treatment. So quarantine and isolation were the only things considered to be useful for containing it. As is still the case for:
Infectious tuberculosis
Yellow fever
Viral hemorrhagic fevers
Severe acute respiratory syndromes
Flu that can cause a pandemic.

Note that this means quarantine and isolation of the people known to have the disease and people known to have carried it.

Not the general public.

I am not happy about being told I need to isolate myself because by any account I am neither contaminated nor communicable. I am FINE with social distancing, I always HAVE been.

I am less happy with people who would trade their freedom for imagined protection from an overhyped, imagined threat. Piss up a rope, you monkeys. I’d always rather take my chances with freedom.