Alright, you primitive screwheads:

This, is a TUB GRINDER.

A tubgrinder is a gigantic piece of equipment whose sole purpose is to turn large hunks of stuff into bite sized pieces.

Last fall, several of the manufacturers of these suckers shipped as many of them as they could to nawleans. See, the commonest thing a tub grinder is used for is to take a condemned house, pretty much in one piece, and turn it into pieces about the size of your fist. It cuts it all up, pipes, wiring, bathtubs, toilets, bricks, if it’s in a house this thing can bust it up, guaranteed.

All of the buildings and residences damaged beyond repair by Katrina were ground up in such a manner. What, might you ask, would they do with all this debris? Well I’ll tell you what they ARE doingh with it: Making new levees.

I have NO IDEA how much cash that the city/state got to “fix” this issue, but take it for granted, that cash is being redirected somewhere else. People’s old homes are being used to “rebuild” the levees, and frankly, it’s a horribly bad idea. Most of the debris, by it’s nature, will decompose, and/or float. Sure, there were brick/block homes, but most of what you’re looking at is wood.Ground up and poured in long levees, and covered with dirt to make it look solid.

Now, here’s what’s gonna happen- and bookmark this entry, because I’m right and time will prove it. If there is no “new” Katrina this year, nagin and his buttbuddies will be heroes, but if there is, the levees wil give way, because they’re made like shit, and it will again be the fault of The Administration. Watch this space.