We are diminished as a race.

Gene Wilder was an incredible artist, with an incredible range. He was an incredibly funny man when he wanted to be, and his manic expressiveness has never been duplicated. But there is also this.

It’s only with the heart that one can see clearly.
What’s essential is invisible to the eye.

Oy, it never ends.

When I left my old company last March, several others preceeded me. And they kept their “Business” phone numbers. One of them did some irresponsible things, and then the new policy was “Oh, you can’t keep your old phone number” so I lost the number I’d answered to for twenty five years.

Iwasn’t about to do anything irresponsible. I miss that number. Every time I have to verify some accoount or another, I’m struggling with getting the new number in and adjusted. What a mess. Thanks, company, who I was loyal to for a quarter of a century.

Home improvement

When we moved in here the back of the house was under attack by raccoons. I had a roofing company come make things tight again, and they have been now for a little while. I’m about to get re-roofed, though, and it’s distressing to do the prep work. They really didn’t make much of an effort to get things right, so I’m struggling with some repairs that need to be done before the roofer arrives.

Still, it will be nicer to have things snugged up before winter, and that, at least, is in the works.

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