Here’s a thought: Don’t be a jerk.

The most recent silliness involving cakes can be found here. Seems a gay pastor wasn’t being victimized himself enough,so he had to invent some victimization so he could sue someone as well.

And that is really at the base of all this bullshit. Like the bullshit about who uses what bathroom. Men who look like women have been using women’s restrooms for many many years; they go in and do their business in a stall. Women who look like men, same same. It’s already happening, so what’s the big deal? The big deal is some Charlotte lawmakers decided to be “Progressive” and instead of leaving well enough alone, codified some stupidity. Nobody will say anything about this legislation, only about the statewide effort to put a stop to the stupider parts of it. There’s a reason they codified that stupidity, and nobody puts it more eloquently than Ms Juliette. Read the whole thing. Like the Crusades were a direct response to the Muslims encroachment, the State of NC acted in response to local ordinances which it considered inappropriate.

The reason that the LBGT community has worked so hard to push this through has zero to do with being treated as equals, or even being treated with respect. As everyone with half a brain understands, respect is earned, not legislated. No, this is, as Ms Juliette states, clearly to do with creating chaos, with the end game of normalizing the abnormal. There is no other reason to set aside the desires of the 99% to accommodate the 1%.

Everyone on this planet understands that if you want to be treated kindly and with respect you have to treat others kindly and with respect. Getting all up in my grill to enforce your desires on me is not going to have the effect you desire, either way. It’s not going to make me respect you, and it’s not going to make me lose it, and stick a knife in your neck, no matter how much you truly deserve it.

So: You alter a cake, to make it look like someone is being “mean” to you? You’re being a jerk. Stop it. Likewise, if you go past four cake shops that would be tickled to make you a cake, just to harass the person whose mores you disapprove of? You’re being a jerk. Stop it.

You force a law to allow you to use the “Wrong sex” bathroom, which if you’re respectful and discreet you can do anyway? You’re being a jerk, stop it.

Posting pictures of very feminine looking men and very masculine looking women because it supports your argument about who can be allowed to use which bathroom, when you absolutely know this is not the problem? You’re being a jerk, stop it.

Anxious to cast aspersions on the faithful because you’re smart enough not to believe in any “Sky god who collects souls”? You’re being a jerk, stop it. Decide you want to jump in and yap about how some moron her or there said X or did Y and that gives you an excuse to bitch? You’re being a jerk, stop it. I am not the westboro baptist church, I am not the Pope, I am not Joel Osteen.

I could go on about forever. And I am not without my jerkiness that I need to stop either, I could devote novels to it.

here’s the thing. For love to really win, divisiveness has to stop. For love to win, love has to be in the game, and right now, it’s not.

There was a time when I would encounter people who needed to get their minds right on something, and I was always only too happy to be of assistance. These days, my knuckles are beginning to be arthritic from all the minds I’ve used them to change.

I can’t ever think of a reason not to be polite. I can disagree with someone and get along with them just fine. The only time this is an issue is when they decide they are at war with me.

So my new plan is to just try to be nice to people, and hope they get it through their heads that respect is earned, and courtesy is better than confrontation.

Yes, I know it won’t work. Never let it be said that I didn’t try. Because the alternative is just knifing everyone in the neck, and I have to pray hard for the strength not to do that.

It dawns on me, slowly

Why it is that I like the LeCarre books. Why “Desk Set” is one of my favorite movies. Why I love movies and books about Bletchley Circle, why the work of John Cardinal Ratzinger has always been so interesting to me.

These are all stories about/by people who use their brains hard. People think of Einstein when you speak of smart people but most of the real brains in the world go unnoticed and ignored. Researchers are some of the most interesting people I have ever known, and I have known quite a few people. And research, as it once was, is just about gone, if it is not gone already.

I had a theology professor in seminary who considered himself an “Amateur biblical scholar”.

He knew the Pentateuch back and forth, in English and in Hebrew. He could quote chapter and verse, tell you of irregularities in different translations, and could even, he thought, distinguish the work of individual translators who worked under St Jerome. He knew the Gospels in Aramaic, Greek, and English, and could recite them from memory. And not just the four, the Gnostic gospels too.

And this was where he started. He considered the knowledge he had already acquired merely a tool to use to understand the theology he taught. And he was in the bottom percentile of the graduates of his school.

I will never know what he did. I will never have the brain he did, and now that brain is in a box under the turf somewhere in south America. Lost for all eternity.

While he could hold my attention in class for five minutes at a time, I was a daydreamer, with the attention span of a fox in a henhouse. I look at him, and the carefully trained minds of my other professors, and I think, what have we done to ourselves as a species? You can find an individual here and there capable of thought but I grew up surrounded by them. I had professors who considered you illiterate unless you could read latin and greek. Which put me in that category squarely; I can still pick out some Koine but my Latin is completely atrocious (My daughter has far outpaced me).

Anyway, now I understand why this is so important. When you read someone else’s translation you take for granted their translation is as accurate as it can be, and that it gives you the actual information you’re searching for. More often than not, this is not true.

The advent of computerization has put the world at our fingertips, but we spend all our time looking at cat pictures and bitching about who is using what restroom.

Good lord.

Swamped, all week. During which time i came close to breaking a leg but escaped mostly unscathed, was a passenger in an accident with a transporting ambulance, and watched a co worker slice the tip off his finger with scissors. Hope to have more soon. No, not more near misses.

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