Nero didn’t have his fiddling cut short…

… But Algore did. Pascal reminds me that the silver lining to the Paris cloud was that Algore had to shut his yap for a bit. Maybe some of these tards are taking a moments’ reflection to realize that there are actual problems out there, and not just the manufactured bullshit of AGW.

In other news

the Escape abandoned me in a gas station in the hood tonight. Waited about two hours for a towtruck. Hope tomorrow the problem presents and is resolvable.

All the bloody leaves are off the trees now, thanks to the bloody wind. Except of course the red oaks, just because. Science should be looing at why those mothers hang onto their leaves so hard. Baldness would disappear overnight.

M’going to bed. Bloody Friday the 13th.


For all of you who put on the uniform. It’s not cool to like you guys and girls anymore, but I do. Yes, even you easily butthurt ones.

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