Four hours.

Four hours of screaming two year old directly in front of me. OK, he did sleep for about a half hour, but during that time, his 3 year old sister took up the slack. Dad was fiftysomething, and mom, who looked very much like Caroline Catz, was thirtysomething, and had another in the oven. Made me wonder if this was the ‘Trophy” and if so what horrible thing he’d done to deserve it.

Happy new year!

Man, I am so glad that one is behind us. And now, we have a brave new world, right? We will have to see how 2017 shakes out. I have hopes, but I also remember the first rule of wing walking.

The year end links

Been mailing it in for a while, but here’s some year end links to warm your cockles. All of these should be considered unsafe for work. In fact don’t click from home. Maybe just go to

Ever look at something and find yourself wishing it not only could be unseen, but stricken from the official record? No? Well, visit Bestgore.

Need some white privelege? You’re not drinking the right stuff.

It’s crazytime. This is Jack Chick on steroids

Make the crazy Asian girl dizzy with your mouse

Super Bad. Just keep clicking.


You can be a mess, but you’re not this guy.

Happy new year. Hope it gets better from here in.

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