It isn’t that I have nothing to say

I’m just as busy as a three peckered goat. And I spend more time on facebook than I probably ought to. Many of the people I know here are also there.

I’m pretty sick of the whole electoral process, because I can see what has happened and what is happening, and so few can. So no matter what I say, both sides of the aisle accuse me of one thing or another, and all of them- the randians, the randoids, the bernies, the hills, they all are the problem. They all think there ought to be a single vote solution to the problem and sit around waiting for the hero who will make it all right, and bemoan every candidate who doesn’t represent them in every conceivable way. What utter ignorance.

So I know there won’t be anything meaningful and good that gets done in my lifetime, and it sort of sucks, because rather than trying to make a decision that will move politics in a good direction, so many people are willing to put up with the most amazing bullshit just so the guy they hate doesn’t get elected. Well, I’m not.

I have always been a law unto myself and I do what I consider to be correct. When I can no longer do so because my freedoms have been regulated away I will know where to place the blame.


Almost a week without a post. Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. As things calm down some I will be able to post more. And then, of course, SHOT SHOW. I have my tickets, my bags are packed, by this time next week I will be in VEGAS BABY. Watch this space.


The last person on earth I would have expected to get butthurt has. There is no longer any port in this storm for me.

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