Last week was a horribly long one. And I’m still cleaning up little messes here and there.

Hopefully this week I can finish the daughters car, get some more backyard work done, and get the blasted contractor working on the roof. Oy. The fun never ends.

Not too horribly long ago

And in fact, in the memory of people living today, it wasn’t just blacks that were discriminated against. Chinese and Irish were also slaves in the US and elsewhere, and racism against them was common and oppressive.

And because of their communities and their industriousness they grew away from that racism and became productive, and generally well respected members of their communities.

My personal theory about why this happened is that the force of law was not used to make everyone respect them. They developed self respect, and that eventually earns the respect of others.

From the beginning, the hue and cry about racism never did anything to improve the situation, it just made it worse. And while I don’t know if that was the original intent, it certainly has become the agenda. Money and political capital is an integral part of racism and because of that it will never, ever go away. It has become embedded in our culture and is now a thriving industry that feeds a monster.

The people who would profit from divisiveness missed the boat with the chinese and irish, for the most part, and the black/white division is no longer profitable enough to fund all the divisiveness that needs funding. After all, if we can treat each other well and find common ground, there’s no easy way people can profit from us other than actually providing meaningful goods and services, and commerce is so hard. Likewise, political power only exists where people will abandon their liberty in fear.

So the new divisiveness focuses on who uses what bathrooms. Opponents pretty much just want to be left alone in public doing their business, want their kids not to be confronted with more difficulty than they have to be- school age children have enough body image issues and fear of privacy issues without throwing this into the mix. Proponents keep making straw men arguments about how nobody is going to get harmed and it’s happening anyway and who cares? So the sowers of divisiveness have done their job well. There is fear and anger on both sides And everyone is doing everything they can to foster it. There is no other reason to involve so much of the nations resources to cater to a vanishingly small percentage of the population.

And for some issues there is no simple solutions. A school age child who has gender identity issues has far bigger issues than what bathroom or shower room to use. I can sympathise, but I don’t think causing an uproar in the entire educational system is the solution to anything.

Must be the oatmeal

though I hadn’t even eaten any of it yet! But I went from zero to turtlehead in OMG seconds. I have no idea why. Sort of a sneak attack crap. All part of getting older I assume.

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