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I have not subsequently abandoned this place after having restarted it, I am just extremely busy. Mostly I’m busy doing things that I cannot discuss at least not right now.

I will eventually be able to discuss those things however I will have to clear some of them with security. So watch this space, interesting things will be happening, and I will be providing updates as I can.

This amounts to the fourth major career change in my life and I’m a little nervous and excited and equal parts


Good luck with that bunky.

See if you can find a computer that isn’t loaded with chinese made parts to type your rant on.

Chinese products have been a huge boon to our economy and our quality of life in a large number of ways. Nobody but the very wealthy would be able to afford flatscreen televisions, or cellphones, or computers. Mandating $15 an hour would make that cellphone cost half as much as your house.

Fact really is, it isn’t the mass produced chinesium stuff that is the concern, but the things like medecines, and there are, again, specific reasons why things are the way they are.

Meds are made in china because medical production is expensive. That Z pack they’re treating the rona with is about 18 cents a dose wholesale, and most medecines of that type are produced in china because the process is vile and pollutes and it is time consuming. EPA and OSHA and $15 an hour minimum wage drove that shit out of the country, and if you think it waqs because the pharma companies were greedy, take a look at what “Made here” prices would be for that shit. Pharma companies are looking to make their products to as many people as possible


Well, of course we are. That’s what meat machines do.

The latest whinge by the victim left and other morons is exemplified by the sort of bullshit Ross Barkan pukes onto the pages of the Guardian, a publication I would not let my dog shit on. “The vacant Comfort hospital ship is a symbol of our coronavirus failure”

Look, you vacuous idiot. Hospital ships of this type are designed with a specific purpose in mind: The treatment of people who have been injured in combat. Oh, they can take care of your ingrown toenail, but these people are at the top of their game dealing with GSW’s, blunt force trauma, blast lung, shrapnel, blast wave, burns, blast wind. The purpose of docking the hospital ship on the Hudson is to take those emergent care patients leaving the regular hospitals to do the work of dealing with CV patients, which is what THEY Are suited for. That ship did NOT get sent there to gather up all the CV patients, and it would be incredibly stupid and a massive waste of resources if they did. The purpose was to take the strain off the emergent care and surgical care of land based hospitals if it was needed, and as yet, it’s not.

Stupid monkeys.

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