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What a weekend.

20 + hours of Massad Ayoob. It was a lot for writing and a lot of listening but it was well worth it. I’m going to be extra busy for a couple weeks trying to catch up to all this, but I will be a safer person when I get there.

When I think of Australia, I think of Chopper Read

Mick Dundee. Harry Butler. Patrick Foley. The philosopher’s beer drinking song.

I was extremely pleased to find that Aussies are neither as one dimensional as Mick Dundee nor as lethal as Chopper. Very nice people, in fact, the ones I had interaction with. And yes, the customs agent, the very first Aussie I met, was named Bruce.

What I was shocked to discover, is that despite the image (Not altogether undeserved!) of Aussies as rugged tough individuals, the whole damned country has gone full nanny.

You can’t have a gun, you’re not supposed to carry a knife, speed cameras EVERYWHERE, brutally high energy costs because they’re just shutting down power generation (coal) with no plan as to where the needed power will come from etc. etc. etc.

I really liked my newfound friends, and I really felt bad for them.

And that brings me to this: Several of the old timers I knew there talked about this or that rifle or shotgun they gave up. I cringed at the thought of fine family heirlooms being melted into handcuffs while the owners held out their hands waiting to be fitted.

We as gun owners have a serious responsibility. No, I’m not talking about preserving the tools of freedom, though that is important. I’m talking about preserving our heritage of fine arms- both sporting arms, and the no less important historical arms of war.

Those things come to us, and we “own” them, but really, we just become caretakers of them while we live. Even moderate quality firearms have a lifespan measured in generations, and eventually, the firearms you have will find their way into the hands of others. This is why you don’t bubba them up. Why you treat them with some respect. Why you see to it that they move on to their next caretaker in the best possible condition. Because all of us recognize the value of fine old guns, even simple ones. Winchester and Henry and Marlin leverguns. Mausers and Springfields and Enfields. And, of course, the fine sporting guns of every manufacture.

Stocking up ammo and spare batteries and springs for your AR or Sig or Glock is always a good idea, and no sane person would fault that. But oil up Grampa’s shottie too, and make sure there’s a couple boxes of good loads for it. And if you have noplace in your family for it to go, find someone deserving and see that it goes somewhere where it will be taken care of for the next generation.

Land down under

Fly down on saturday, arrive monday. At least i was not jetlagged. Still, a day of my life disappeared. Today, i leave late friday, and arrive… early friday.


It will be good to get back to regular work.

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