Battening down

The roof is done, the dumpster full of old roof is gone (Took a week) the fascia is nearly completed, and now I just need to get new brakes on the Dr’s pickup so he can go on hauling around his bobcat. Even on weekends I have off, I’m working like a dog.

Well, this is going to be interesting

Trump was never my choice, and I’m sure he’ll be more than his share of disaster, but it’s not Hillary, and that’s a thing.

G-d guide the hand and mind of President Trump.

I have always been “that guy”.

At my old company, the years of abuse brought with it possibly more sarcasm than was warranted. A Co worker, as I left, told me he thought if I could tone that down a bit, my skills would take me places I did not expect. Damn, was he right.

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