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From Facebook:

The very definition of liberal tolerance.

How I like to fuck with Facebook’s algorithm:
Every time I see an advert or suggested post related to christianity, alt-right racism or sexism, or anything I find repugnant, I say I don’t want to see it because ‘it’s offensive’, and ‘it’s sexually explicit’ (a faith that denies me agency over my reproductive organs is totally sexually explicit), and my new favorite? ‘It’s fake news’.
Unto us a child is born? Sounds fake, to me!

I have had a lot of discussions online

Some heated, some otherwise. I have had a good number of opinions that I have expressed fairly carefully over the years, and some, no matter how carefully, I express them, people manage to get them wrong.

I cannot enumerate the times that people have had an argument with the avatar of me that exists only inside their head, regardless of me attempting to disavow them of their delusion. Eventually, I just have to stand back and let them fight it out amongst themself.

I suppose there are two or three people that understand what goes on inside my head. Why they aren’t in institutions I don’t know.

The last, oh, three weeks

have seen me in California, Oregon, Indiana and Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and iowa. It has been a long string of cleaning up messes left by other people. And field engineering solutions to problems that should have been engineered properly in the first place.

It’s good to be employed, I keep telling myself that. Still, I’m tired, and my back and knees are wrecked, and I hope when raise time comes around there will be some consideration for this.

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