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Winter is coming

Supposedly this is a catchword from GOT, but I’ve never seen it. But winter is coming, and living in the midwest, that means battening down the hatches. I have a new roof, and have recently rebuilt the west facing wiondows, so the critical issue has been water, and having had water pipes freeze, I am extrra careful about that. So the long life rough service bulb is in the well pit and the thermometer as well, and I have covered the well pit with foam to keep it from the worst of the cold.

Hopefully nothing new will manifest itself. Hopefully this winter is mild and mellow.

So it took twelve tries

But I finally found someone who would mow the yard. Beginning with cutting down the very tall weeds in the back. The first day cost me more than my first car, and I was happy to pay that. Because it’s done. And while it’s raggedy it will get better with time. And hopefully I will be able to make it much less of a problem in the long run by simply paying someone to do it for me.

I have been

working pretty hard trying to get the house battened down for winter, and it has been some work. Lots left to do, lots always left to do. I do hope I can find someone who will help me with the yard, because I just cannot do it anymore. it needs to be done, but the knees are just not up to it. Now eleven people have run screaming away, and it’s an ongoing source of irritation. And I just want to have the place a little cleaned up so the neighbors don’t mind living here.


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