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So it took twelve tries

But I finally found someone who would mow the yard. Beginning with cutting down the very tall weeds in the back. The first day cost me more than my first car, and I was happy to pay that. Because it’s done. And while it’s raggedy it will get better with time. And hopefully I will be able to make it much less of a problem in the long run by simply paying someone to do it for me.

I have been

working pretty hard trying to get the house battened down for winter, and it has been some work. Lots left to do, lots always left to do. I do hope I can find someone who will help me with the yard, because I just cannot do it anymore. it needs to be done, but the knees are just not up to it. Now eleven people have run screaming away, and it’s an ongoing source of irritation. And I just want to have the place a little cleaned up so the neighbors don’t mind living here.


One more time, and then I have to give up.

Pythagorean theorem. a^2 + b^2 = c^2. That’s the math, and it always applies to the real world of plane geometry.

Moral absolute. When A deprives B of X, A has committed a wrong. It does not depend on the need of A, or the surplus of B, or the value of X. It is wrong, and it is wrong because it is not right, and that is the only other option. It always applies in the real world, and always will. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that opinion has more value than fact.

Is there such a thing as degrees of crime? Indeed. There are lesser crimes that involve theft, and greater crimes that involve theft. DO any of those degrees make the theft less wrong? Absolutely not; that which is wrong cannot be right. And there is only one degree, wrong, or right. it is and always will be completely binary.

is there such a thing as mercy? Why sure. You can have mercy for someone who has done a wrong thing. Does the mercy mitigate the wrong? No. Maybe it mitigates the crime. but wrong and right, right and wrong will always be just those two things. To complicate them is to deny the nature of reason. And for this reason, AI will be diffcult to ever accomplish, because people think wrong and right are a sliding scale, and they are not and never will be. They are a coin, that you can only be on one side or the other of.

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