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Okay so

I tend not to advertise when I am on vacation. But I have at least have the opportunity to rest and relax and enjoy myself, most of which involved a good deal of sleeping and a good deal of reading. Also a good deal of missing the new pupper doggo, and I look greatly forward to having him try to chew off my ears. Lots of things have changed in the last year, and I am changing with them as this is a necessity in the modern world. Technology is not going to leave me alone.

It would be wonderful to cut back and live like an Amish family, and I think about this a great deal, but the amount of cash required to do this would not be insubstantial. Insurance, medication, Etc require a real world income.

Still, left to my own devices, I would live quite simply, and probably alone, and without much in the way of Technology. I figured cutting the line off at 1935 or so gives me the very best in Centerfire Rifle and Pistol cartridges, decent pickup trucks, central heat, Etc.

I dreamed last night, that Canada was filled with strange religious sects that each had its own place in time. Like the Mennonites who seem to be stuck in the late 1800s, there was a sect that was stuck in the 40s, another one the 60s, another one the 70s. Each sect had its own period dress to which it clung. The 50s group were nearly indistinguishable from many of the Mormons I know.

Anyway the dream didn’t involve any accordions at all, so I didn’t wake up screaming which is a blessing.


Almost two months between posts. I will need to rectify this. I am so sorry to the one or two people that keep showing up. Life has presented some challenges.


Because there’s no way I could call it a hiatus.

So damned busy I feel like a longtailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.

In any event, I am reading several books at once, a book reccomended to me (“Blue Highways” by Least-Heat moon”) and Kiplings “Strange tales” and of course pratchett because pratchett is an anchor I can grip tight to when my sanity is in danger of leaving me.

Is what it is.

Had to block an old friend on FB the other day because he felt I was cockblocking him; apparently he has no idea that I blocked the object of his affection ages ago, and unless he calls attention to our conversation she can neither read what I write nor is even aware of my presence on the thread. Brothers, don’t stick your dick in crazy, it’s just not worth it.

Anyway, I’m still here and still alive. I do FB more because it can easily be done via phone in airports etc.

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