I walked through the Gander Mountain in Greenwood

Because it was practically in the parking lot of the hotel, and found it as dull and uninteresting as the one in Merrilville. Lots of new guns, new clothes, new toys, none of the kind of stuff I’m remotely interested in

Flew from here to lansing MI in a beech banana, lovely and utterly uneventful flight- just like I like them. Shoulda thought to take some pics on the way but involved in long conversation. Home tomorrow, long drive up i-65 most likely in the rain. Thinking about trying to visit 500 guns, because I never been there.

Drunkards cakewalk

Whirlwind tour of the farging Midwest this next two days, three states at least and more. Planes, automobiles and hopefully no trains. St Christopher watch over me!

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