Male privelege rocks.

Some smooth mouthed little metrosexual castrati at Time Magazine is whining about how icky awful men spread their legs when they sit down, and how it’s the ultimate symbol of a male dominated society.

Well, honey, I got news for you. I have a nutsack two thirds the size of your head, and i ain’t crushing it for anybody, let alone some little CBT junkie like you. You probably don’t encounter too many actual men in your life; they don’t hang around femdom salons bound hand and foot waiting to be sounded. If you see a man on the subway, and he’s “Manspreading”, I highly suggest you engage in a practice called “Lordosis” or “presenting”. If he realizes that you’re in effect weak and completely non threatening, maybe he won’t exit the train wearing your ears around his neck on a string made from your sartorius muscle.

Those of us out here who still have balls, and still use them, are not only not interested in what you have to say, because you’re a moron, but we intend to break free of the oppression by the cuntriarchy and spread our legs where and when we want. Shit, I may just start wearing a kilt. I demand wider airline seats too.

H/T Pascal, of course.

Lets try this again.

Tree service scheduled to be here today. Hopefully they will have enough climbers, and get to work. It is raining, but I hope that doesn’t deter them.

Update: Pussied out again. I shouldn’t say that, I wouldn’t climb these trees dry, let alone wet, and I damned sure don’t want anyone to get hurt. They say tomorrow. After the snow. That sounds like a really smart idea. Hope they get them done before winter sets in.

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