The lesser of two evils is still evil!

If you ever wondered what it was that was the dumbest thing a human being could say this is probably it. Certainly it’s in the top 10.

This was something that was commonly applied to Trump but also I remember people saying this thing about Bush.

Listen people if your candidate is not actually Jesus Christ then he’s still evil or capable of it. So if you voted libertarian because it was a better choice than Trump, you have defined ignorance.

In elections no matter what they are you have to vote for the best choice. Every best choice is a compromise. It is not particularly difficult to make that best choice, you need to select the candidate that most represents the values you share and it needs to be somebody who has enough support to actually win the election. Your aunt Mabel might be the best possible president of the United States but let’s face it she’s not going to get elected. Neither is in any libertarian candidate probably not in our lifetimes anyway. and that’s a really good thing.

Let’s talk for a minute about why that is a good thing. In order to be a candidate for election, it’s necessary to be a lot of things. For the president you’re supposed to be a natural born American citizen.

There are other qualifications for other offices, there are qualifications that change from district to district and area to area. But most likely the most important qualification is, you must be a human being.

The moment a human being gets elected to public office the opportunities for corruption and destruction of his character are very common and very frequent. To imagine that a libertarian party candidate would never succumb to the opportunities presented by public service is to presume that the candidate is superhuman in his integrity. Let me assure you whoever it is they are not.

Oh sure you might be able to point to a specific example and say this person or that person has not outwardly a succumbed to anything but you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors anymore than I do. And I can pretty well assure you that even the best intentioned electors are going to elect human beings who are by their nature flawed. Can we choose less flawed people? Certainly. But we have to nominate them first. And if we intend to get them elected we have to do so within the obviously rigged and flawed system. Those who are going to survive that rigged and flawed system are going to be people who are flawed themselves in very specific and interesting ways. Deal with it. You can disagree but you’re wrong.

Here’s the simple fact. People are flawed because humans are flawed by their very nature. It is impossible to choose anything but the lesser of two evils unless one of the available candidates is Jesus Christ. Perspective alone allows intelligent people to realize you make the best choice. Stupid people say shit like the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Political parties in this country probably began as people with legitimate attitudes about specific things that presented alternatives to the voting public. It does not take much reading of History to realize that no matter how good a candidate or a group of candidates was a very rapidly devolved into the power and influence and money seeking people we have today. We may be at a higher level of that now but it is same as it ever was. I’ve actually heard people talk about the stupid party the evil party and the free cake and ice cream party, as if somehow libertarianism was some magical thing that was going to fix everything in the world. The people who would say something like this have no actual understanding of human nature because it is a foregone conclusion that the only reason the libertarian party has not abused the reins of power is because they have not had them in there. And the mass of the libertarian types have exactly the same Battle cry as the commies. It hasn’t been tried yet! Thank god. I cannot imagine living in a world where libertarianism holds sway it is, for anybody who can think, a horrendous nightmare for the human race. If you’re anxious to explain to me why I am wrong, you demonstrate the facts of why I am right. For communism or libertarianism or anyism to work it requires one simple thing and that is not better organization or better control or better candidates it requires improved human beings. We are not likely to get that anytime soon. We can point to small. In time where many human beings were better than a lot of them are now, but those are anomalies. Yes there is a higher likelihood of more moral and more decent people if they are educated more thoroughly and grow up surrounded by an atmosphere of decency and morality, but even innocent and Simon pure Beaver cleaver had Eddie Haskell.

Our founders got some things wrong, but they weren’t to know. They lived in a time where a man’s word was his bond as a general rule and they expected people to act responsibly which is always disappointing. There are a few things that they got very right, and one of those things is the rule of law; the idea that the same laws apply in the same manner to everyone. There have been stumbling blocks on our way to where we are but the rule of law is really the most sacred principle and the further we deviate from it the worse our nation becomes. That people can do things now without consequences is our biggest problem. That there are sheltered groups of people you are protected from the consequences of their actions is horrendous.

Instead of trying to create another party of what will always end up being the same old same old, instead of trying to abandon the system thinking that somehow or another it will just fix itself if you do, instead of fantasizing that flawed people can be moral and effective servants of the public, the critical path is to return to a state of accountability. Politicians under the lens of scrutiny will hopefully be less likely to stray from their mission. Individuals removed from the protected classes will certainly be less likely to misbehave if the consequences for their behavior are returned to the table.

You’re not going to fix the human race by putting more humans in charge. It’s just not going to work that way. And no matter what human you choose they’re going to be flawed. And if you have some bizarre and twisted fantasy that makes you think that a specific group of humans are going to be better than other groups of humans have been in the past I’m confident that the right type of therapy and possibly medication will be able to help you.