I guess I never knew this page was here. And people have come to this page and commented!

Anyway. here’s some things about Og that you might be interested in knowing.

I spent six years in the seminary

I find discourtesy unspeakably ugly. People often mistake this trait for gentility, but it is clearly not.

I mistrust any human being who will not have a beer (unless he/she is a recovering alcoholic) and if they don’t wear jeans to work or at least prefer to.

I dislike pretentious people intensely. if you are certain you are better than me, by all means, have fun with that. Somewhere else. Leave me alone.

Sporting events leave me completely cold. I have no idea why anyone would play baseball, or cricket, or football (either kind) let alone watch it.

I am not nor will I ever be a Republican. I would slit my wrists if anyone ever thought of me as a Democrat.(Though I have been a registered democrat all my life- think about it) I fall FAR outside the traditional party lines, and like it there just fine. I find that I vote for republican candidates since democrat candidates are, in the main, felons who should be imprisoned and/or hanged. Pitiably I often must hold my nose as I vote for the republicans. In elections I follow the Buckley rule: Support the most conservative candidate who can win

I have no tolerance for fools. If you come here with the intention of making rude or snide comments, or to insult my friends, expect me to edit them to say what you really mean.

More as I think of them.

Oh: Here’s one, Velociman referred to me as a “Dangerously lethal spaz” which may just be the most accurate way anyone has ever described me.
Some Og phrases you might find handy:

Forensic Proctologist. The guy who figures out what crawls up your ass and died.
Anaerobic Morons: People too stupid to breathe.
Revolving Asshole: Whichever way you turn him, he’s an asshole.

By the way, any spam here is subject to ADVERTISING EXPENSE. if you post acomment that is clearly advertising, it’s gonna cost you. I charge one million US dollars per unsolicited ad.

below is a list of taglines I occasionally use.

Si sinitus, omnia faciunt bene

Το Χόβερκράφτ μου είναι γεμάτο χέλια

W moim kraju byłem inżynierem

Things I’ve learned:

Hot glass looks exactly the same as cold glass.
Never let anyone know you’re good at something you loathe.