Not long after I got my 22, and before I got very good with it, I took it to a Boy Scout shoot, a dozen or so of us shooting at paper targets stapled to the back of an empty barn.

I wasn’t good enough to be “good” but I was ok. I put ’em on the paper.

Next to me, Randy, one of the endless stream of toadies for the main bullies, sat and bitched how his MArlin 22 auto kept jamming- switched to his lever action, and then to a boltie. He was supposed to be shooting single shot, but he kept loading from magazines- and he had no idea how to load a magazine, so he’d jam.

I sat there, patiently loading my rifle one shot at a time, and put all my stuff on the paper. Standing I wasn’t so good yet, seated I wasn’t bad,. prone I was keeping all my shots in a ragged hole. OK, the hole was an incha nad a half around, and the targets were less than twenty yards away, but I was impressed.

Meanwhile, randy, next to me, had pretty much kept his target safe from being pierced by a single projectile.

He later claimed my target was his, and he was shooting at it and not at his, but I saw and knew better.

So the lesson for today is: No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how fine your collection is: The man with one gun he can shoot will kick the ass of a man with a dozen guns he can’t shoot. or, as jeff Cooper was known to say (though I don’t know if the saying originated with him) “Beware of the man with one gun. He probably can use it”