I drove a couple hundred miles yesterday. Most of the trip, the needle hovered around 75. This was how the traffic was flowing. About once a mile, I would be overtaken by someone driving about 90, or come across someone driving about 45. Talk about delta V. SO watched my six, kept a good look out for morons. No surprise to anyone that ALL the fuckedup drivers were out of state, and no surprise that they were mostly bluehairs, but there were a few surprises:

Most of the ones going 45 were obviously teenagers going back to school.

Most of the high speed morons were older, some in some pretty fancy cars (bmw M5, Lexus, Porsche Cayenne) and while they could drive fast, they seemed incapable of accelerating- I got behind one at a rest stop, and it took him a full minute to get up to 60. As soon as I could I passed him, and in five minutes he was passing me going 90 again. And five minutes later, he was having a conversation with a nice policeman.

Oh, and as I know this strip of road is heavily patrolled, I decided not to get too carried away with speed; I didn’t see a single squad. I saw bike cops, and a LOT of them. Guess the boys (and girls) in blue wanted to get some two wheel time in before the weather turned.