In some homes, the forgetting of an aniversary or a birthday can be a source of some serious trouble for the absent minded one. The day of my wedding was one of the worst of my adult life, and I wasted no effort to inform the Mrs of this fact; Even then, I was solely interested in the Marriage, and not the wedding. However, it was her wish, so we did as she wished, and part of the quid pro quo is I have no recollection of what day it occurred. Oh, sure, sometimes I dig up an old journal entry and it occurs to me, but for the most part, I have no idea.

Flowers, etc. are also not part of the normal procedure here- I do send them sometimes, or bring them home, but it’s not a habit and not overdone.

No, I’m not the ‘average guy” and if i were married to an ‘average” woman di suppose I’d be in a great deal of trouble because of it.

On the other hand, there are things the Ogwife does that please me no end, and things I do to please her, and those things enrich our lives immeasurably, though they are incredibly simple and cost nothing.

I have a lifelong habit of rising early BUT ONLY ON MY DAY OFF. One of the things I do for the Ogwife that (apparently) endears me to her, is I will get up and make her breakfast. Usually the daughter is up and around,so I make sure she’s eaten, and I eat, and when I know the wife needs to be getting up, I fry up two eggs, over easy, with the whites cooked but the yolks soft, two slices of buttered white toast, four strips of crisp lean bacon, a cup of coffee with a generous splorp of vanilla cream, a bottle of water. THe daughter corrals the dog as I bring in breakfast and the wife enjoys her breakfast in peace, maybe watching some TV or just sitting in bed.

This costs nothing, and yet if anyone has ever brought breakfast to you, you completely understand how wonderful this is.

Try this: buy a dozen roses for $97, and take them home. The next weekend, make her breakfast in bed. See which one gets you more props.