Kim has a post up about Cheese, and it’s a good one. Go there and read. Come back when you’re done.

I loves me some cheese. I’m also not a fan of the cheap “pasterized process cheese food” found in single slice servings everywhere.

I find myself jonesing when I haven’t been to the Mars Cheese Castle in a long while..

Most people don’t know it, but you can improve the flavors of purchased cheeses by aging them. Small hobby cheesemakers often use specially modified refrigerators or chest freezers fitted with special temperature controls. If you buy a whole round of cheese it can be kept whole and in the wax, and age slowly in your cheese fridge. Some cheeses have their cultures killed, which prevents them from aging further. It’s also possible to make your own cheese, and it’s less difficult than one might expect. Some cheese is not improved by aging. Mozarella, for instance, has to be used in a small window or it ages PAST its peak.

Yep, I loves me some cheese. I like all the types Kim indicates, and I’m also a big fan of Cheese Curds (available all over wisconsin) which, when they’re fresh, squeak against your teeth when you bite ’em. I myself do like the Brie and Camembert, though not as much as a good, nutty cheshire or jarlsberg. Damn. Now I have to hit the store.