Weber Grills, once famous for their porcelean enamel and stainless gas grills, will convert to all galvanized. Company spokesman Paul Stevens said “Who can resist a shiny galvanized grill? We’re going to galvanize the cooking grates too, because they’ll be so much easier to clean”

Additionally, the Napoleon Apollo will change from painted construction to all galvanized. “We always used galvanized on the lower end of our units, because it was away from any heat source- but now we can put the galvanized right up on top where it can be admired by everyone! Ignore the yellowish smoke”. Indeed, they intent to change the name from the Napoleon Apollo to the Napoleon DY-NO-MITE!!

Old Smokey– for years, a grill that LOOKS like two galvanized buckets (though they are made of aluminized steel, not galvanized) has decided to change as well. “Hell, people been saying we look just like two buckets for years. Now all we have to do is buy galvanized buckets and assemble them into grills- our manufacturing costs have disapeared overnight!”

Likewise, Down South grills will stop using expensive stainless and begin using galvanized steel products int heir grills.
“We don’t intend to manufacture the box and frame out of galvanized” company spokesman Ralph Turing claims ‘We will weld up the assembly and then hot-dip it, making sure that the maximum Zinc coating is on all components and there are no gaps or spaces where rust can start”

Even the hoity-toity brutaly expensive Grillery has decided to move from stainless to Galvanized. “it’ll be a ton cheaper to make, and we can all retire before the lawsuits startwe get too old!

On the other end of the spectrum CharBroil has announced the changeswhich will be taking place immmediately. “When Steve H used one of our grills to make the Hoginator, we knew our business was going to increase, but this- this is incredible!” said company spokesman Ralph Char. “We have always said, the Char Broil grills were not meant to be set outside in the rain and expected to last forever, but now that the deletewrious effects of Zinc have been utterly eliminated by an Edict from the Hog King himself, our grills CAN sit outside for AGES without any ill effects!”

Spokesmen from the Big Green Egg company simply said “You people are insane”

Thanks, Steve! I am so glad you could come through for us all! Now if you could just settle that carbon issue with Mr Gore we could all get back to living our lives in (relative) safety. PS: Everyone sees that it’s “beating a dead horse” only when you’re wrong. “I’m tired of this discussion. don’t post about it here anymore” means “I will win this discussion by the force of my will since the facts point away from me”

I don’t need to “beat my chest’. I’m right, and that’s enough. If I’m not, please post prominently on your site the name of the major manufacturer who makes galvanized products that come in direct contact with food and high heat.