Friend of mine laments that everything in his life is in some state of disrepair, and if he lives to be 200 years old he’ll never get it all fixed.

I have windows in need of repair. Some stuff needs to be done to all four cars AND the motorcycle. I hate to think what the house’s electrical system has in store for me. I told him what I said at Steve’s, some weeks ago, I don’t remember in regard to what.

Life is a rope. You’re Jiminez. Lee Marvin and his grease gun are Entropy. Deal with it. Climb or die.

Then it occurred to me- I’m an entropy warrior. A certain number of us are. Those of us who fix, who maintain, who keep things. A bunch of folks who keep the planet in a coherent form for another day. Roberta is one. Alger. Jimmy. Dick, linkless though he is. Anyone who toils regularly to make sure things are, as they are, a little longer.

A larger number of people create or amplify entropy.

In auto repair or home maintenance, or government or communications, entropy is winning. And it probably always will. Are you an entropy warrier? What do you do to slow the decay?