This concept intrigues me and I’ve been exploring it somewhat further; The idea that the left is using chatterbots to troll conservative websites would not surprise, and though I doubt there is any kind of coherent thought or intention involved, I do think that the group has drifted in that direction.


the typical troll will come into a post thread, or a chatroom, or a message board, and do a driveby comment condemning X.

People in the arena will either agree, or refute the trolls point, and rather than deal with the refutation the troll will
a: Change the point of discussion, disregarding the fact that he has just had his ass handed to him
b: Complain that the “other guy” did the same thing only it was worse,
c: use the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” argument to try to use his detractors own points against him
d: Whine that his point of view is being oppressed because he’s been banned, and call his detractors nazis/socialists/fascists without any kind of understanding that it is his own behavior that most indicates the malevolence he is accusing others of.
e: Ad hominem.

the community will refute whichever argument he makes, and it will continue until
a: The collected group gets tired of the childishness and buggers off
b: The troll dies of old age, or
c: Someone goes to the troll’s house and ties a stocking around his neck.

I could easily write code which would follow these rules, almost anyone could.
At no point is there even the remotest attempt to have a conversation, because any human being capable of reason will, upon being shown that his points are fallacious and asinine, change his point of view instantaneously. The troll will never engage and attempt to actually understand what he is being told, for fear that facts which interfere with his worldview will surface and blow his shit out of the water. So he goes into troll mode, and follows the above rules with flawless precision.

Terminator movies scared us all with a vision of a future that showed computers taking over the world by teaching computers to think like, or even better than, humans.

the scary part to me, is not that computers will learn to be human, but that humans have learned to act like computers- and have forgotten the most basic rule of computing: GIGO.

So when you get a troll on your blog, recognize that it is simply a meat machine, programmed with garbage to spew a message of stupidity despite all attempts to reason with it.

Call him/her Eliza, and kick them out.