Please go to the sidebar and click on “Get On The Bus” which is a blog belonging to my old friend and serial whiner Leslie.

She comes here about once a year, apparentlly. She forgets that the URL of her OWN BLOG is “GETONTHE” as in GET ON THE BUS. Which is the name I link her blog under. And each time she comes here I have to explain to her that I have not deleted her blog, but that it has been right there on the sidebar from the very first day. And each time she comes back it’s the same thing. “What am I, chopped liver?” No, Leslie, you’re just a little slow on the uptake. I think it’s those big knockers- they’re robbing the blood from your brain.

So go click, for God’s sake, so she has some neanderpundit referrals. You should be reading her every day anyway, she has the bestest links. Except for the cat stuff, which gives me a hairball. or a haemmoroid, whichever comes first.