I was amazed and amuzed at the number of us that were cc’ing at the blogmeet. I could- at my size- conceal a llama. No, not the pistol, one of these Anyway, I saw prints everywhere I looked, and I got a huge kick out of such an armed group of people peacefully eating deep-fried bacon products in the midst of Indiana’s Haight Ashbury light.

And it reminded me of something.

There are two vital amendments to our Constitution, and they form a tripod of freedom. How can a tripod have two legs? it can’t. The first two amendments, freedom of speech and right to bear arms, form two of the legs, we are the third. You, and me. We are the third leg of the tripod. When gun rights start to be attacked, freedom of speech- and US, prop them up. When WE start being attacked, our freedom of speech- AND our gun rights- keep us where we belong. And when the freedom of speech starts being destroyed, we can use our second amendment rights- if need be- to protect them.

Never, ever forget this. The tripod of involved, informed, persistent citizens, and the first of our amendments, form a tripod on which all of the other amendments are placed, and upon which all other rights hinge.

And if you never been to an Indy blogmeet, hie thee hence, it’s a hoot.