I’m not interested in discussing this in Roberta’s comments.

Roberta believes that there is no inherent evil in Islam. She is, of course, demonstrably incorrect, but it’s her good heart and good nature that makes her so.

What astounds me is the number of people in comments there that believe this is true.

Look, people, if you don’t want to look at this clearly, that’s not my problem. But don’t claim to have any knowledge of the subject because “You know a muslim and he was fine”. If you do not understand that islam is inherently evil, you are a FUCKTARD. At the core of islam is the Koran. Ever read it? I have. Every Muslim is entreated to follow without fault every word of the Koran. And the words of the Koran are full of all manner of shit for everyone NOT a muslim.
How many nations do muslims have to murder and enslave before people GET THIS?