or are the assholes just getting thick on the ground these days?

Read the whole thing. I just LOOOVE “Joel” as it calls itself. Excerpts:

(upon being confronted with some uncomfortable truths) “I got up without (well, much of) a word and went in the kitchen and started washing dishes rather than start an argument at my hosts’ table”

Yeah, you showed HIM! And you got those dishes CLEAN!!!

But the best part is “But…I don’t know, it just seems like lately conservative conversation has become much more vituperative and…well, stupid”

Good lord.

Look, “Joel”. Nobody here thinks Palin is god. Nobody here thinks Palin is even the best person for the job of President, because frankly, until you are put to that test, nobody can know. On the other hand, we’re not anxious to blindly follow the bullshit of the mainstream media and agree with them on the stupidity of “Her Moosehunteriness”. yeah, that’s what you said, wasn’t it? No, that’s not disrespectful. Not at all. yep, that’s what you probably call reasoned discourse. Wait, there’s a perfect phrase for it: ‘Vituperative and… well, stupid” It gives me great joy to use your own keystrokes to describe you.

The individual in question made slanderous comments about a vice presidential candidate, and insuilted myself, readers of my blog, and then continued on to comment using my name AND the name of other commenters to the blog to continue to act up.

Maybe I should have gone into the kitchen and washed dishes with malice aforethought.