to my friends, I am the nicest guy you’d want to know. I value the relationships I have with people, and there are people I’ve known for years as well as people I’ve met blogging that i hold in highest regard. And I’d be there beside them in a moment, if they needed me, and there was anything I could do to help them.

And to those people, I will always do my level best to be civil and decent, no matter what.

As far as the rest go, fuck yourself.

No, really. If you think i’m here (Like Joel does) to act as a propaganda machine for Sarah palin, you’re a fucking idiot, and you should go stick a fucking plastic bag over your head. I like Sarah, I asked a civil question about why the fuck people didn’t, and I got this answer, and this answer alone: “Sarah is duuuuuuum!!! I read it in a noooosepaper so it’s just gotta be trooo!” That told me what I neeeded to know about these fucktards. If your only opinion of ms Palin is the bullshit given to you by the network news, who by their own admission have a vested interest in making her look stupid, you are the gullible piece of shit they hope you are, and the very best thing that could happen to the planet would be if you ate a bottle of Drano.

As I have said before, I cannot make any kind of judgement of Palins intellect based on what I’ve read in the media, so I don’t. What I do know is her proven track record as a reformer.

Let me say that again,slowly, for those of you that have problems using oxygen properly:

Proven. Track. Record. As A Reformer.

Beyond that, would she make a good president? I don’t know. She certainly seems like she has some integrity, which hasn’t been apparent in Washington for some time. Am I gonna defend her against people who have one note (She’s DUUM!!) and one note only? certainly, because those people are, without exception, fucktards.

I love the comments- like from Emily in the post below- who has only one note herself. “You’re mean! So you’re wrong!”

And then there’s Shit Smidt, who in comments at Tams place says “Tam’s less bilious than you are”

I’m gonna explain this once, because you probably don’t spend a lot of time here.

EVERYBODY is less bilious than I am. And I am bilious because of people like you.

I’ve heard the tired old chestnut that “if we adopt their tactics we become just like them”

Well, I’m here to tell you right this very moment, that this is the rawest bullshit. And if you believe it, you are an idiot. Millions of men have gone off to war, and fought horrible opponents under the worst of conditions, and killed humans by their own hand. And they came back from those wars, and came back home to become loving fathers and husbands. Did some get damaged irreparably? Sure, but not all, not even a majority. And it is possible to be a bilious bastard and still care for your family and friends, and I am living proof of that.

The gloves are off, because I have put up with the bullshit from the left long enough. When the left is vicious and evil, we’re just supposed to put up with it and sigh, and sing kum-by-fricking ya. After all, if we act like them we become just like them, right? Bullshit. As Mark Alger states so clearly here, we need to be able to give the opponent a black eye, now and then, and now more than ever. THe left has gained incremental victory after victory, because we have done nothing as they slandered, insulted, lied, and threatened us.

Be civil among your friends. Be tender to your spouse and your children. Use every ounce of patience you have, and more. Make the time to show your most intimate friends how much you care, especially during the holidays. Keep the best of your life in reserve for those who deserve it.

And for those who would argue just to argue, for those who will not learn, nothing. You cannot change their minds; they have chosen ignorance and partisanship. You cannot change their minds. Get that. If you take anything home to bed with you, take this: You cannot change their minds.

Keep your claws and teeth sharp. Sleep with one eye open. Don’t engage, and if they engage you, go directly for the eyes. There is nothing to be gained from them, they have become Golem, and are thus beneath your contempt and effort.