The Chicago Auto show was.. well, it was less. Less than it was in years past, and less than you’d think was appropriate.

Handful of nice broads.

Partner and I and one of our college colleagues went downtown on the South Shore.

Partner and I came back on the shore, our colleague stayed and met his daughter, and met us for dinner after.

Standing on the platform, Partner had that look on his face.

I’ve known him for 42 years, so I’ll interpret ‘The Look”

‘Yes, this is the last time I’m coming into this godforsaken shithole. Unless of course someone decides to drop a nuke here, in which case I’ll run to the epicenter of the explosion, that I might be surrounded by people who believe they have something to live for, and drink in their final moments of despair like expensive French wine”

You can tell a lot from a look.

The Daughter’s training is coming along nicely, too. This morning at breakfast, she was discussing the general activity of drivers in the Region. “I will beat you until you learn!” In her best Ren Hoek voice, “And if you don’t learn, you will die stupid!!’