Joanna gives me a bit of grief about my most recent nutsack post.

And on her website, there’s an ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH of NANCY PELOSI.

(BTW, if you go there, be nice, her mom reads her blog so nothing off-color)(Or I will come fuck you up)

Nancy Freaking Pelosi. The woman whose neck wattles are less attractive by miles than my nutsack. And possibly hairier. The woman who, if she has another facelift, will have a goatee. The woman whose under-eye bags have nipples. The woman whose skin is so tight she has to sit carefully lest she plump and pop like a ballpark frank. The woman who- most disgustingly- has used taxpayer dollars to pay for a lifestyle so lavish that the executives of Enron would be embarrassed. And stories about my nutsack are the sick ones.

Just pulling your leg, J.

But you should still put the pictures of Pelosi below the fold.

I bet on any given day my nutsack is cleaner and smells better than Pelosi’s overtensioned neck wattles, too. Hey, if you want your significant other to pay any attention to the wobbly dangly bits, they aren’t exactly attractive so you have to at least keep them clean, they have to at the very least have that going for them.I can’t imagine what would make anyone want to look at Pelosi’s wobbly dangly bits.