Aren’t always what they seem.

Winners write history, or so it is said, but what’s been happening is as the academics have become more and more liberal, they have been indoctrinating our children and slowly changing the historical record. The language itself has changed through the years, as well. What does the word “liberal” mean to you? “Progressive”?

At one time, those words meant “people who believed in freedom” and “People who believed in progress”.

Nothing like that these days, huh?

One of the recurring discussions between Pascal and I is the story of Abraham and Isaac. What does the popular culture say about this? Remember the song “Highway 61 revisited” by Bob Dylan?

Oh God said to Abraham, “Kill me a son”
Abe says, “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”
God say, “No.” Abe say, “What?”
God say, “You can do what you want Abe, but
The next time you see me comin’ you better run”
Well Abe says, “Where do you want this killin’ done?”
God says, “Out on Highway 61”

Our liberal, progressive, monotone non-guitar-playing friend Bob has God ordering Abraham to slaughter Isaac.

I bet that’s how a lot of people remember the story, too.

There’s only one problem with this, and it is that G-d does not ask Abraham to kill Isaac. He tells him to offer him.

The reason the “progressives” have changed this- and look around, you’ll find in many modern bibles the word is “slaughter” or “Kill” and not “offer”
What’s the distinction?

The Creator of the Universe told Abraham to offer his son. Offer. This was a test of faith, and Abraham had faith that even if he killed his son, the Creator of the Universe would fulfil the prophecy he gave to Abraham and ressurect him.

Instead the Angel of the Lord stayed Abrahams hand.

Abrahams faith was strong. He trusted in The Lord. He offered the most beloved thing he had, his son, and the Creator did not find Abraham’s faith lacking.

“Progressives” would love to anthropomorphise the Creator, to make the Creator “ordinary”. if the Creator of the Universe, due to subtle manipulation of His Word, can be made to seem petty or less than divine, it will be easier to “destroy” him, and that is the point.

We were given Eden, and we threw it away, because as humans we craved the freedom to make bad decisions. Because of this, we will always suffer on earth. Only the Creator has the power of redemption, but we have been given the ability to make one another’s lives better, or make them hell.

The anti theists and progressives and liberals want to remove the power of Redemption from the Creator, and bestow it upon themselves. They want to remove our voluntary ability to provide for one another and make it mandatory, with them deciding who provides and who benefits.

This is all minitrue. This is all the progressive, liberal agenda, gradually steering the “truth” to suit their plans. Ask yourself, what changes have already been made, and what have we missed already?

The people we just elected are a party to this, as surely as the people they replaced. And the ostriches who would “Live and let live” are enablers, willing to let anything happen to anyone as long as their own rice bowl is not upset.